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Dr Castel and his staff stay current with the latest dental procedures and routinely take continuing education classes to stay on top of all treatment options available to patients today.

Dr. Jeffrey Castel attended The Ohio State University College of Dentistry where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. After this he completed an additional residency program at Ohio State in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. It consisted of advanced studies and skills not only in general dentistry, but also in endodontics, oral surgery, geriatric dentistry, periodontics, implant and pediatric dentistry.

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White Fillings Jeff Castel DDS

White Fillings

Dr. Castel likes to place white composite fillings at our office because they are physically bonded to the teeth which tends to add more strength in comparison to the older silver fillings.  The composite fillings are much more esthetic since they are white and blend with the color of the teeth.


Also sometimes known as “caps”, the dental procedure known as crowns are a type of restoration we place to help hold teeth together when they have fractures or have very large fillings with a very limited amount of natural tooth structure remaining. Without a crown, some teeth are more susceptible to breaking.

Crowns Jeff Castel DDS
Bridges Jeff Castel DDS


Bridges are a type of fixed restoration to help replace single or multiple missing teeth. This option uses teeth next to spaces in order to attach artificial teeth to fill the spaces left by missing teeth to improve esthetics and function.


This type dental fixture is inserted directly into the empty space left by a tooth that was removed. It is then used to attach a crown directly into the site of the missing tooth. It is usually a two step process where the fixture is first inserted to replace the missing root and then followed up with attaching a crown directly to the artificial root.

Implants Jeff Castel DDS
Veneers Jeff Castel DDS


These are thin pieces of porcelain that cover the front side of teeth to replace missing tooth structure or to cover unaesthetic looking tooth structure for a better appearance.


These are removable artificial teeth that provide another option to replace missing teeth. They can either be freely taken in and out of the mouth or be attached with implants for a more confident fixed and supportive feel.

Dentures Jeff Castel DDS

Partial Dentures – This type of denture can be made when some of the teeth are still going to be kept for esthetics or in order to use to anchor the artificial denture teeth.

Complete Dentures – This type of denture is made when no teeth remain in the mouth.

  • Conventional Dentures – This type of complete denture is made when a patient has no existing teeth when the fabrication process begins.
  • Immediate Dentures – This is made when some of teeth are allowed to remain as we begin the process so that the patient is never missing all of their teeth at any given time.  They are able to keep at least their remaining front teeth until the day the final denture is actually ready to be seated.  At that time, the remaining front teeth are removed and the complete denture is seated.  The denture is placed immediately after the remaining teeth are removed.
  • Implant Retained Dentures – This type of complete (or sometimes partial) denture is made when a patient would like more stability and support to their removable denture teeth.  Implants are placed then the denture snaps or screws onto them for better grip.
Root Canals Jeff Castel DDS

Root Canals

This is a procedure that removes the nerve and blood supply out of the tooth in order to eliminate pain and infection and often allows Dr. Castel to save teeth rather than pulling them.

Gum Procedures

When a patient has gum tissue disease, it is important to eliminate infection that causes deep pockets between the teeth and gums that can lead to gum recession, bone loss and tooth loss. It is well documented that there is a correlation between gum disease and heart disease.

Gum Procedures Jeff Castel DDS
Extractions Jeff Castel DDS


Sometimes teeth need to be removed for a variety of reasons. Some may be unable to be fixed due to advanced loss of tooth structure. Some people may elect removal of teeth due to pain, crowding or a host of other reasons.

Straightening Teeth

 Teeth can be straightened in multiple ways. The most well known way is using wires and other appliances to do this through orthodontics. Another way is to give the appearance of straight teeth using crowns, veneers, etc. Orthodontics can sometimes take years to complete as compared to crowns and veneers which may sometimes be completed within weeks.

Straightening Teeth Jeff Castel DDS
Teeth Whitening Jeff Castel DDS


There are multiple ways of making teeth look whiter. These procedures include internal bleaching from the inside out or external bleaching which includes in-office or at-home bleaching. We make impressions of your teeth then fabricate custom trays that are filled with whitening material then placed over the teeth. This at-home bleaching can take a couple weeks but the effects are usually noticed within days. Teeth can again become stained over time after any whitening system you may use, so it is great to have the take-home trays in order to repeat the bleaching system at some point in the future.

Emergencies – same day appointments available

We try very hard to see our patients the very same day they call with an emergency. Often times we can complete the emergency treatment at that same visit to eliminate pain or other symptoms.

Whatever the procedure you need, Dr. Castel, DDS can help you with traditional dental care or the latest dental procedure.

Emergencies Jeff Castel DDS

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