Dental Care for Adults

Can there be different ways to treat the same problem?

Adults have a variety of concerns that range anywhere from pain, to problems chewing, to wanting a better looking smile.  There are sometimes multiple treatment options for for different problems and the appropriate option may elected by an individual due to their ideal perception of what looks best or even their finances.  We understand this at our office and like to present available options to best suit the individual patient.

Are there ways to treat EXTEMELY nervous patients?

Many people are nervous to visit the dentist.  We understand this.  There are many reasons a patient may be nervous whether it was a bad previous experience or just a discomfort with someone looking in their mouths.  Sometimes just the unknown may make some people nervous.  We use several techniques at our office to help anxious patients have a better dental experience.  We encourage the patient to help in dental decisions concerning their dental health.  We discuss the treatment as much or as little as the patient prefers in order to help remove the “unknown” for the patient.  We use thorough anesthetic techniques to make sure our patients are totally comfortable.  Finally, the patient has the option of using laughing gas (also called nitrous oxide).  This is a gas that safely allows them to relax during treatment and remain fully awake.  Afterwards they can safely drive home on their own when the procedure is completed.

What types of dental problems do we treat?

We treat tooth pain, gum pain, bubbles on the gum, swelling, loose teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth, stained teeth, crooked tooth, spaces between teeth and esthetic concerns.

What types of treatment and dental procedures are done at our office here in Brooklyn?

In our office we treat dental needs requiring crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, fillings, extractions, gum treatment, root canals, whitening, cleanings and more.

What if I have Financial Concerns?

Financial concerns can sometimes keep people from having treatment they desparately need.  At our office, we submit insurance forms for the patient.  We also accept Visa, Master Card and Discover.  We also accept patient financing options such as Care Credit for easier, no interest extended payment plans.

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